Posted by Goh Chun Hui (Jack Goh) on July 21, 2013 at 1:05 PM

In order to gain mass/weight, you will need to eat more quality foods that your body needs, and not quantity. Eating a lot of junk foods, does not help to to gain mass or build muscle. You can eat whatever you want at first when you first trying to put on some mass, but eventually you will want clean up your diet a little by eating foods that serve you and your body. Don't be afraid of trying healthy food, just because you might be afraid the taste of it might be awful. That's absolutely not true. There are so many different variety food, I am sure there are something you will love...If you are trying to gain mass, start off by first having all the basic nutrition food that you need on a regular basis, then overtime you will want to increase the quantity of the food so to gain mass. It may be difficult at first, if you are trying to switch from a totally junk food diet to having a nutrition healthy food diet. What you can do in this case is trying to have more nutrition in your daily diet and at the same time eating what you want, and overtime eating more of the nutrition food, eventually you want to be on a completely nutrition daily food diet.


Do not skip any meals in your daily diet. Remember to have all your meal on time.

Don't be a Fussy or Picky eater. Try and Eat different variety of foods.

Do not take Mass Gainer. Mass Gainer do not help you to gain mass quickly. Mass Gainer is a product used for people's who do not want to put in the hard work, effort and consistency, but want the reward of someone that is doing it the right way in getting mass. Nothing Good in life ever come from cheating or having shortcut. Mass gainer are all packed with sugar, there is nothing in there that will serve your body.

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