Posted by Goh Chun Hui (Jack Goh) on June 23, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Ferriprox is the first oral chelaters, that's in tablet form. It's available few years before exjade (newest oral chelaters) is out in the market. Generation before ferriprox is avaible, Thalassemia Major Patients will have no choice but to use the classic desferal infusion for chelation.

Nowdays Thalassemia Major Patients might have the choice to used either having ferrirpox (L1) itself, combination therapy of L1 with desferal infusion, that's known to be the most effective treatment now. Some patients are even taking combination therapy of both ferrirpox and exjade now. Ferriprox (L1) came in both tablet and liquid solution form, to lets younger children who are afraid of taking tablet can have it to. Pricing for ferriprox (L1) is almost the same as compare to a vial of desferal, but think about trouble/problem encounter with desferal infusion. Which one will you prefer? I already do the answer.

Just to let you know over 10 tablet of ferriprox (L1) is equal to the price of a tablet of exjade, so ferrirpox sound still cheap in this case. I am personally taking 8 tablets of ferrirpox through out a day. Doctor will look into your weight to calculate how many tablet you can take most a day. My weight is 52kg. It's important to take your ferriprox on time during the day. Some useful ways is setting alarm to remind yourself, it's time for taking your medication.

Do keep in mind to observe and enquire your doctor whether that's any drop in your White Blood Count (WBC). As taking ferriprox (L1) might cause you WBC to drop from time to time. That's it for this update, I will see you later (:


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