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1) Wash Your Hands Clean.

2) Prepare a clean working area.

3) Gather all the items and equipment needed for the infusion.

4) When you are really, you can start by removing the cap of all your bottle of Deferoxamine.

5) Tear out a piece of alcohol swab and wipe the area where the cap were removed clean, top surface of the bottle itself.

6) Next open up your syringe from it's package ( Make sure the packaging is not damaged ) if it's tear open, you might want to consider changing a new one just to ensure it's clean and safe for use. Follow by opening the needle's packaging for the syringe.

7) After doing that plug the syringe needle onto the styinge itself and go ahead and remove the needle's cap.

8) Next withdraw certain amount of water from the water for injection plastic bottle that I am using ( The amount of water is based/depended on yourself, the amount you usually used.

9) Then poke and insert the amount of water withdraw onto the Desferoxamine bottle.

10) Shake the bottle well for couple of seconds. ( Example 5-10 seconds )

11) Now you can withdraw the water back from the bottle and level up by pressing the plunger rod ( Which appear at the end of the syringe ) a little till the liquid reach its/the top of the syringe.

12) Next cover the needle's cap back onto the neddle itself. Then unscrew the needle's by  turning the Luer-lock cap to the left and here you go the neddle's with it's cap is removed.

13) Now opened up your butterfly needle's or whichever needle you're using from it's packaging.

14) Hold the end of the butterfly neddle's for my case which is a rubber material and plug/connect it into the syringe you had just prepared.

15) Push the plunger Rod a little to make sure the liquid is flowing through the butterfly neddle's ( For these older kind/version of the desferal injection pump the plunger Rod do not need/have to be removed from the syringe.

16) Now you're almost done. Put in the battery onto your desferal injection pump and have everything adjust and setup.

17) Place the syringe with the butterfly needle's on the top of the desferal injection pump ( For the newer small pump you just have/need to turn the syringe a little to lock it) ( For the older model/version of pump make sure the syringe is tied and fasten and ensure it will not drop off )

18) Now clean the surrounding area you're going to inject the needle on your skin, remove the cap of the butterfly needle's.

19) Glad a little of your skin and slowly push the butterfly needle's into your skin.

20) After that tape the area up with these tape you're using, for my case I am using these roll injection white tape.

21) Press the start/on button on your desferal pump to began the therapy session.

22) Lastly place the desferal injection pump on the fabric holder with elastic belt or whichever kind you are using, and you're done with it.


That's basically it for this blogpost hopefully this explained a little on the step and procedure for preparing desferal infusion. I see you later (:


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11:23 PM on November 26, 2010 
Thank You.
Reply Goh Chun Hui (Jack Goh)
2:06 AM on November 27, 2010 
Anonymous says...
Thank You.

You're welcome, glad it help:)